mixed ink colors by Arte2rx Portugal

Two artists, one painting. mixing colors minute after minute this painting was more than a just one more painting, it was freedom, choice, feelings, friendship and art.

Rodrigo de Ribeiro "Ribazz" and Nuno Machado


A Story Of Love And Street Art From Juan in Portugal

"These hearts were painted by my girlfriend and I in Coimbra, Portugal a couple of years back. She is from Coimbra and I am from Chicago and we've been able to maintain a long distance relationship for the past 2.5 years. Since then, we continue to paint some of these hearts every time we are together in Coimbra. What is interesting about Portugal's Calçada (sidewalk), is that you can take a combination of a minimum of three stones and find the shape of an abstract heart form. The heart can grow by adding more stones to the original three."

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